Sunday, September 19, 2010

We have a creeper!

So right now my Mom is down in Texas visiting us at our new home. Gary is always pulling pranks and Mom got to know Gary really good this past week.
Tonight Gary left for the grocery store to get us all some ice cream. I was upstairs on the phone talking to Tabitha and Mom was downstairs playing with Jackson. Jacksons favorite game is to chase this laser around, he'll do it for hours!

Little did we know that while we thought Gary was at the store THIS was creeping around our house looking in the windows!

Gary pushed the back door open just a little bit. Mom was just outside with Jackson and she thought she didn't close the door all the way so she walked over to close it.

When she got to the door, this is what popped in and grabbed her!!! All of a sudden I hear Mom screaming and yelling and even Tabby on the phone was saying what is going on at your house what is all that screaming. I ran down the steps....

And this is what I saw... Mom pointing the laser at Gary and screaming. She was trying to hurt or kill him with the laser!!! I started yelling at Gary cuz I thought he was going to give Mom a heart attack. At this point Mom ran to the couch and was hiding. She literally had her head burried in the couch cushions. Mom I think you need to come up with some better defense moves cuz a laser isnt going to hurt anything....

So I think it is payback time... Gary better watch out!!


Monday, April 19, 2010

My Lunch Box!!

So a couple of months ago I was talking about how I want a lunch box. Every day for work I carry my sad little lunch into work in a plastic bag. Well, there are no cool lunch boxes anymore, not like when I was a kid! When we were in Disney Land I looked for a cool one but no where to be found, no one sells those anymore.

Gary asked me what kind did I have growing up. I said I think it had horses on it and it was pink. I remember Kari had a New Kids on the Block one...hahaha.

Well today there was a little package waiting for me when I got home. It has been weeks since I've been talking about a lunch box so I forgot all about it. Well, Gary did not he has been searching the internet for one and he found me one. I was so excited! It's a little metal lunch box with horses on it. He is too sweet.

It even has a little farmer on the side picking corn!

Jackson wanted his picture taken. :)

Me and Jackson.


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Swimming with the Dolphins

We had one of the most amazing days ever at SeaWorld San Diego. While we were planning this trip I had told Gary I have always wanted to swim with the dolphins. I mentioned it to Kiana and she was so excited! Kianas birthday was right at the end of mid tour so we decided as part of a birthday gift we would let her swim with the dolphins.

We had soo much fun! It was amazing, they are such beautiful animals. It was an experience Kiana and I will never forget and I was so happy to share it with her.

The most interesting part...getting in and out of a wet suit. Not easy! It peels on and off like a banana and we got stuck several times. We had to walk thru the park with these on from the locker room to the dolphin tank. It was well worth it tho!

First meeting the dolphins and getting aquainted. We had 2 dolphins. Gracie who is the oldest dolphin in the park weighing over 600 pounds. And Camille (I think that was her name) who was one of the youngest and the trainer let Kiana help her teach Camille some tricks.

Kiana with Gracie.

Kiana with Camille learning some training techniques.

Kiana going for a ride on Gracie. We both swollowed some salt water- yuck!

Kaila was too young to swim with the dolphins so her and Gary had some fun of their own. They got to pet, feed and train some dolphins as well.

She is such a Daddy's girl. I love watching them together. :)
So the dolphin experience was definately worth it and definately plan on doing it again!


Sunday, February 28, 2010

Some Random Short Little Stories...

Here's some favorites of mine from the trip....I have A LOT of favorites.

Is this Kaila, a kitten or the newest member of the band KISS?

Kaila and her cousins Zane and Isaac

One of the best rides at Disney is Indiana Jones. Kiana got to drive the jeep during the ride. She's a pretty crazy driver. Cant wait til she turns 16!!

This picture is for my sisters.... they know why.

At the show A Bugs Life. It was a great show! I love the glasses, wish I could have taken a pair home with me.

Sooo much like her Dad. :)

Our last night in Dinsey we played a lot of games trying to win some prizes. All I won was these 2 little ducks. I played Kaila in this horse race game (and about 5 other people) and she won this horse! She was so proud. Then us girls tried another game and Kiana won the big Dumbo. I think we went home with 8 or 9 of those little stuffed ducks. It's just a matter of time before Jackson finds them.

The girls with all their trophies!


Disney Land Characters

Sooo many pictures to choose from. I didn't realize how many characters we got to meet and I wanted to meet more! The girls bought autograph books and every time we saw a character they got their autograph- too cute.

Kiana and Dale- he was famous for blowing kisses at us every time we saw him.

Aladdin- We were eating and Kaila kept seeing Aladdin and wanted him to come to our table so bad. When he finally did she froze! She would not talk to him and kept blushing. I'm surprised I got her to take a picture with him. We joked with her the rest of the trip about her big crush on Aladdin.


Tinkerbelle at her house- I think she was Kailas favorite

Cinderella- she was teaching the girls how to pose for pictures

One of my favorite times, eating breakfast at Goofys kitchen. Goofy joined us for breakfast. He asked the girls to dance so they went in the middle of the restaurant and danced to the Twist.


Chip joined us for breakfast for a little bit too.

The 4 of us with Pluto at Goofys kitchen.

And last but not least Minnie Mouse. She was actually the first character we saw and we saw her a lot!